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American Paste Control is the Delhi Base Company, which has been operating in Delhi for more than 20 years, through which many types of paste control services are offered, such as termites, cocktail, cockroach, mice, lizards, flies, spiders, mites Work is done by skilled workers.

What is termite?

Termite is a white-colored ant-germ. That destroys precious wood furniture, paper, etc. in your home office factory etc. and leaves a soil-like streak after destroying your precious things. Which indicates being a termite. Only after you suffer loss by termite, you can feel it, by then the termite has done a great deal of loss. And they stay in your house, office, factory etc. and bring losses.

On the termite, we have been making some light, termite resides in our house as a "colony" and we come out in search of food for my family and after receiving food, we will again return to our colony Goes back and leaves the sign of soil streak. All these tasks are headed by the termite. Which termite the termite queen,

When you look at the mold created by breaking the clay, you only see the soil there because it only comes out in search of food for your family, and by destroying your precious things, by getting your food again The colony goes back. Damage caused by termites can be avoided. You can contact us to inspect your building free of cost to stop your building is new or it is not a matter of concern. Because we have a system of skilled and protected workers.



Cockroaches are born in dirt and moisture, which come through the sewer pipeline drain and live in your home kitchen, washroom etc. And they love less light and darkness. Cockroaches also contaminate the pure food kept in your kitchen. Thereby, the fear of getting sick of your family members increases and you may have to go through an uncomfortable problem. Cockroach is the most dumpy in heat and in the year. To prevent this, we have a very good way of generating a solution, to solve this problem, you can give us a lump sum for one month or one year.

What are mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are a flying germ. This loss factor is insect and it is found in all parts of the world.  And is born in humidity and dirt, water pots etc. And in places of dark and low light Yang resides and the mosquitoes are of many type. There are 3500 species of mosquitoes all over the world, mosquitoes do not have teeth and female mosquitoes Only with your sharp edge, it stings in your body and leaves the contaminated effect in your body. This is done by a female whim. While the male mosquitoes suck the tree trunk, cutting through your body through female mosquitoes causes many types of fatal diseases such as malaria dengue etc. It is such a disadvantage that many times these diseases also lead to insomnia. The family has to suffer a great loss, which can never be compensated. You can solve this type of problem by calling our company, so that your building is away from access to mosquitoes. You and your family are always safe. About


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